Trucker Tax Relief

If you are unable to pay your taxes there are a couple of options given to truck drivers by the IRS.  

Like most people, drivers can enter into an installment agreement that allows the driver to pay their taxes in smaller payment installments through a schedule the IRS will base off of your current financial status. This status and details can be negotiated with the IRS, and help from a tax professional can help to do that.

Truck drivers may also seek relief through Offer In Compromise.  Though the qualifications for this type of relief are strict, this is considered to be one the of the best forms of tax relief offered to truck drivers as it can actually lower the amount you owe to the IRS in back taxes and debt.  

Another, very specific, option for truck drivers is Penalty Abatement. This relief is not for everyone as it requires proof of a legitimate reason you were able to accumulate the tax debt. Qualifying reasons for penalty abatement would be a family illness, natural disaster or any other situation that is out of the truck driver’s control.  


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