Truck Tax Shortcuts

There are a couple of things truckers can do to make tax season go as smoothly as possible.

The first is keeping all business related expense receipts. It is very difficult to get the deductions you deserve for business related expenses without the receipts.  However, keeping track of all of that paperwork can be difficult on the road.  A portable scanner can give drivers the ability to scan receipts as they go.  This also digitally archives the receipt which can help avoid audits.  

Meticulous note taking can also benefit truck drivers, as knowing where you were going, who the client was, and other information can help provide the IRS with information for your deductions.  Of course, hiring a bookkeeper or personal accountant could also help with getting your deserved deductible and preparing to file.  

Knowing the tax season dates beforehand is also tremendously helpful to avoid filing late or neglecting to file at all.


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