Success Stories

Thank You for stopping the IRS from taking my wages! Not only did you stop the garnishment, you got the IRS to refund the money they already took!

Melinda C.

You saved my restaurant! The IRS was trying to padlock the doors. You stopped them and worked out a plan to get us current. Thank you!

Tony R.

The IRS kept garnishing our bank account. You stopped this the same day I met with you. I can finally relax.

Ben H.

I hadn’t filed tax returns in years. You got the returns filed and got me back on track with the IRS. I even got a refund!

Mike I.


We handle all of our cases by flat fee - no hourly fees mean no surprises! You'll know exactly how much the entire process will cost before you commit to anything.

So, don't let you fear of high attorney fees stop you from calling us. We can probably work out something. Don't bury your head in the sand! We can fix your IRS problem - guaranteed!