Common Truck Driver Tax Issues

Truck drivers face some uncommon issues when it comes to filing their taxes. Constantly being on the road leaves truckers vulnerable to miss notifications from the IRS.  Not only that, but many truck drivers forget to file or file incorrectly.  

Truck drivers also qualify for a very unique set of deductibles which they may miss when it comes time to file. There is special paperwork and claims that can also be made in regards to a truck driver’s truck.  Because the IRS views truck drivers as self-employed or small business employed entities, they must be aware of how that affects their filing.  

Not filing, not being able to pay their taxes and missing potential deductibles are some of the most common issues facing truck drivers today. With IRS audits at an all time high, it’s more important than ever for truck drivers to understand their tax filing and know the money they are entitled to.



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